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(Not so patiently) Waiting

Our home study paperwork was sent in three weeks ago today. We were supposed to receive a call at some point last week. This did not happen. Apparently the woman confused us with another couple and was waiting for my birthday to pass before calling—we would have been waiting quite some time!

Brian was able to wrangle a time out of them for our first home study interview, to take place next Tuesday in Palos Heights. Our final interview will be March 12th and take place in our home. This, in my humble opinion, is not happening quickly enough. If ever there was a time that my lack of patience was exposed, it is happening in this process.

Prayer Requests

  • Our home study interviews would go well and be scheduled quickly (we still have 1-2 left to schedule between next week and March 12th).
  • For patience. The stop and go of this process is driving me bonkers.
  • That our kids would be waiting for us and we would be matched with them quickly.
Posted on January 27, 2014 and filed under adoption, home study, South Africa.