Adoption Celebration

On October 3, our family and friends got together and threw us an adoption celebration. It was everything I had hoped for. We had everyone together celebrating our adoption of T moving forward. We had delicious food catered by Pie Boss, which is owned and operated by a guy from Durban, South Africa (found here). It was relaxed with little agenda, really just a giant party. My friend, Dinah, was so gracious and planned and organized the beast of a celebration (we had around 90 people there) with an army of awesome friends to help! The whole thing flew by and I was so glad that our friend Laura (Laura Lee Photography) was taking pictures because I didn't take a single one! (All pictures below were taken by Laura.)

Thank you to all of our friends and family who made our adoption celebration perfect!

Sweet hand lettered banners

These Africa ornaments were made by Kirsten and Jenna. They were the take home gift to remember to pray for us when we travel.

Michelle, Dinah, and Rachel (Coral making a small appearance). These ladies are such an encouragement to me! Dinah also wore all six of the colors of the South Africa flag...and it worked, too! I wish I had thought of it!

A group shot (still missing about half of the group)

Delicious meat pies

It was so good to catch up with friends, many drove hours to come! (The record was 9 and 5 hours driven by my parents and sister - they came for the shower, then had to leave early the next morning!)

There were two t-shirts for people to sign and draw on. T is going to love these!

I had to include this one because, come on! Wyatt is so super cute! He had a blast at the shower, too.

Posted on October 23, 2015 .